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about me

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From Laura to Lura, Lula, Lols, Lolita - my friends have been creative with my nicknames since school. But Lola remains my favorite. What these friends as well as my clients appreciate most about me is reliability, my sense of aesthetics and the fact that I am always the calm anchor in a group. In stressful times (like on a wedding day) I remain calm and transfer this aura to others. I'm sociable but also calm. Balanced, but also euphoric. Humorous, but also emotional. Black and white, but also colourful. Modern but also classic.

What started as a hobby became my full time job in 2020.

I am thankful for the trust my clients place in me. Choosing me to capture their most special moments is a true honor each and every time - whether it's at home in Düsseldorf or in the Malibu Mountains.

random facts

I’m a 90’s girl

My real name is Laura

Bachelor in Communications

Dancing Queen (without talent)

Shot the first wedding in 2018 with my grandpa's camera

Couldn’t live without traveling, smoothie bowls, the sun, me-time, walks by the river close to my home, Club Mate, feel good music, coffee dates, pizza, pistachio icecream and vino, but also #healthyfood 

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