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1-on-1 coachings

for (wedding) photographers 

Do you have this one dream, too!? This dream of turning your passion into your job and your job into your passion. A dream, in which the working day flies by and Monday blues doesn't exist.
You don't believe that this dream can come true? That you of all people can do it? I felt the same way. But one day my attitude changed. Why shouldn't I be able to do it? Dreams don't work unless you do. Ever since that day of realization, I've been doing everything I can to make this one dream come true. It was hard work, took time and investments. But I never gave up and always believed in myself. Now I'm standing here, living my dream...

...and so can you!

No matter where you are right now, whether you're a beginner or have been photographing for a long time - I am delighted to accompany you on your way by giving you as many insights as possible from my path and help you create your own masterplan.

> Mindset
> Corporate Identity & Marketing
> Social Media, Website, SEO & Google
> Finding & attracting your dream customer
> Pricing
> Finding your own style
> Editing in Lightroom
> Equipment & Tools
> Wedding Workflow
> Portfolio Review
> How to communicate with couples
> Natural Posing

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2-hour zoom session

400 € + MwSt.

Ask me anything! In this short session we will discuss topics that are currently on your mind and problems with which you can't progress on your own. 


6-hour theory session

1.200 € + MwSt.

This whole day is about YOUR success. After we took a closer look at your current situation, we will cover various topics that will guide you through your journey to becoming fulfilled as a wedding photographer.

I will share all my knowledge and encourage you where you still lack confidence and need a mental boost. Additionally you‘ll receive my inspiration magazine for wedding couples and a detailed summary of all steps I went through on my way into wedding photography. This allows you to read everything again at your leisure after our session and gain insights into other topics that were not on our agenda. 

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Lola's Documentaries of Life_Couple Shooting Düsseldorf-1-3.jpg


6-hour theory + live shoot

1.600 € + MwSt.

In addition to the theory session we will get creative together by shooting a sweet couple in a setting of your choice. I will show you the preparations for the shooting, camera settings and light situations as well as how to interact and communicate with the couple. 

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